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Empower Through Education

We at VEFI, are here to revolutionize the manner in which education is imparted in villages. We aspire to impact and impel all children growing up in villages, to think and behave as leaders and entrepreneurs. We use education to dare and inspire these young minds to be creative, think big, persist and achieve.

While we would love to see every young Indian adorn a graduate hat; that is not our ultimate goal. Our dream is to see these yoaungsters, empowered by education, working to take their community and the nation as a whole, to the next level be it in agriculture, business, politics, law, sciences, medicine, entertainment, arts, sports or any other discipline.

What we do?

We leverage on great advances made in technology to revolutionize rural education system. Through creative means such as actual-life product demonstrations, role-plays, seminars/ talks, games/ activities, film-screenings and anecdotes.

Core Teaching Objectives

VEFI advocates a fundamental teaching/learning approach that has its roots from basics of knowledge acquiring,talent exhibition, and practical application